the putschists say they have captured President Condé, the Defense denies,

Guinean special forces claimed on Sunday to have captured President Alpha Condé and “dissolve” the institutions, in a video sent to an AFP correspondent, while the defense ministry said it had repelled their attack on the presidency.

“We decided after taking the president, who is currently with us (…) to dissolve the Constitution in force, to dissolve the institutions; we also decided to dissolve the government and the closure of land and air borders, ”said one of the coup plotters in uniform and in arms in this statement which was also widely circulated on social networks but which was not disseminated to the public. national television.

The putschists, to whom the AFP correspondent confirmed the provenance of these images, released a video of President Condé in their hands. They ask him if he has been mistreated, and Alpha Condé, in jeans and a shirt on a sofa, refuses to answer them.

For its part, the Ministry of Defense said in a statement that “the insurgents (had) sowed fear” in Conakry before taking the direction of the presidential palace, but that “the presidential guard, supported by the defense forces and security forces, loyalists and republicans, contained the threat and pushed back the group of attackers ”.

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